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Dora Stanczel sea drapery inspiration

I draw my inspiration from the strength and beauty of nature, as well as from Buddhist philosophy. The ocean as an ecosystem, the unexpected force of volcanoes or the journey of icebergs fascinate me. From long experimentation, I consciously develop a vocabulary of forms based on the errors and the unexpected of this process. To obtain a unique piece, I divert the technical process of porcelain. Often I reuse what is discarded, I reintegrate what is missed and I push the process to its extreme. It is a constant search for the limits of the material and a creative commitment where I push myself out of my comfort zone.

My pieces are the fruit of long experiments where technical processes are diverted. I obtain the harmony of forms by constantly seeking the limit of the material of the porcelain. I tear, fold, deform, glue, drip porcelain in a specific way that reveals the fragility and strength of the material. Indeed, a piece gains its strength through its final firing where the previously fragile material will finally be revealed. The beauty is in this transformation!