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Dora Stanczel, ceramist

Dora Stanczel

DS Ceramic is a craft studio specialising in porcelain, created by Dora Stanczel, a Franco-Hungarian artist.

After being awarded a master’s degree in digital arts, I attended numerous training sessions related to porcelain, took part in exhibiths, and collaborated with many artists to finally open my own ceramics studio back in 2015. I create refined and luxurious porcelain pieces for in- and outdoor projects with a neat aesthetics in mind.

Beyond the technical mastery of slip casting, what I find interesting is the unexpected imperfection that comes up during firing. I like to make it a focal point of my craft. To me, the intelligence of the hand lies in the collaboration with the material and not in its control. In this respect, I keep reinventing the repertory of my work process.

My unique and stunning artworks get influenced by waves, curves and colors which I experience when going kayaking or sailing on the ocean. This natural force and essential ecosystem to life is my source of inspiration. This is why I take special care to respect the organic nature of my fabrication process.