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social responsability

Committed to sustainability, for 20 years I have been developing special projects on social, ethical and environmental issues. I aim to creat each year a human focused socially sensitive project. Dedicated to people with social difficulties or disabilities, workshops are organized in small groups of all ages.

The use of ceramics, especially the porcelain has a crucial role in these workshops. By its manipulation, it can trigger positive feelings and proved to have a calming effect. It opens up creativity and brings joy. I tend to design these workshops for every special needs and accompany people towards personal sculptural artworks.

In 2019, I won the Craft Prize of the Fund Cre'Atlantique for creating « Les Fragiles », a craft project for the blind and visually impaired. In 2020 I organised a series of workshops for blind, visually impaired and dysphasic children with a final exhibition. In 2022 a series of workshops organised for « harmed women ».

Thanks to this social awareness, the workshop gives the opportunity to people to discover the craft of ceramics to help them in their difficulties. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate or finance a project.

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