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Here is a selection of unique and exceptional pieces that best reflect my interest in the power of nature and the beauty of imperfection. These pieces are the fruit of long experiments where technical processes are diverted. I obtain the harmony of forms by constantly seeking the limit of the material. I tear, fold, deform, glue, drip porcelain in a specific way that reveals the fragility and strength of the material. Indeed, a piece gains its strength through its final firing where the previously fragile material will finally be revealed. The beauty is in this transformation! If these precious works agree with your project, do not hesitate to contact me about its availability. If you want a specific order for your interior or exterior, do not hesitate to contact me.


The philosophy of wabi sabi appears in these vases. Uneven surfaces, asymetrical and unique features in a simple object to magnify the importance of imperfection.

  • size : 60x90cm
  • material : porcelain
  • imperfection-2.jpg
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